Wish it Had Review

My friend Steve wrote a really beautiful review on my year-old (can you believe it?!) album, Wish it Had. You can read it here.

Pretty soon, I will be offering a great deal for said album, in case you don’t already have it, with a special visual treat! Eye candy. Ok y’all, talk soon




Take me back to California

I spent last month playing shows with my buddy Jessica Campbell from San Francisco all the way up to Seattle. Then we took a flight out to Alaska for a couple gigs. Check out a radio interview I did in the glorious snow-capped mountain land where the eagles literally soar here. I wish there were three better words than “it was beautiful” because I would use them now (side-note there are three better words but I’m going to save them for the songs). Nashville, though always bursting with the colors of creativity, has been cold. The trees are brown and the sky is grey. Some of my friends like this. I can only take so much before I start to feel nutty. San Fran to Alaska was a great break and re-energized my brain. I’m back in studios around town with my clever friends. We are writing tunes about smiling, fairs, pieces of spaceships, and happy feelings. Trying to take a break on the heavy heartbreak stuff and write songs you can shake your hips to. Because I really like to shake my hips these days.

Well I’m gonna leave ya with a song I sang at one of the house concerts. It’s called June’s Song. I originally wrote it for Daisy sour cream but they didn’t like my song enough to use it. So now it’s all for my sweet and precious little adorable niece, June. Here it is: June’s Song Live at a Seattle House Show.

Much love to y’all, we’ve made it through another winter hooray.


Northeast Touring and Updates in General

I watched a movie last night entitled Stories We Tell. At one point one of the characters said “the most crucial part of art is finding the truth… and then telling the truth.” I’m so very thankful to be traveling through the northeast telling my truth.

Currently I’m in Norwalk, CT. There are interesting things all over these big and small American cities. NEVER in my whole life would I have EVER thought a grocery store would make me so happy. It is incredible. I tried every sample on the floor and am currently eating lobster salad with crackers, and local apples for dessert.

Thanks to the Nashville Scene for THIS WRITEUP!

Check out this new video.