I spend a lot of my days clicking. My “Sunday School shoes” click down hallways and on wooden floors. The remote control when I can steal it away from my roommate long enough to click the channel from Desperate Housewives to anything else. The cute little iPhone clicks as I’m texting all day long. My mouth click sounds as I failingly attempt to get a cute guy’s attention.

Two days ago I had a pretty significant click.

I was sitting at my desk, and I had about a zillion emails to proof, edit and agree to. Then a mysterious person up in New Jersey emailed and said he needed one final approval. I responded “I approve” and clicked enter on my computer. With that one little click, I wrapped up a year and three months of hard work, sat back in my chair and thought “The album is done.” I tried to cry because it felt right but I just shook my head and looked out the window. Last night I told a friend it was all done and she squealed “When can I get it?!!” and I said “Well, they told me 11 business days.”

And so it is. 11 business days. 5 years worth of songs. Mixing life and magic and reality and dreams. An email approval. Trudging up what seems like a never ending mountain then quietly clicking enter on a random Tuesday.

So. How can you get it? Well, I will have 10 dollar pre-orders available before the official release date in January in case you want a cool stocking stuffer for Christmas. You can email for more info. And it will be up on the website and iTunes soon! Thanks for reading and have a happy Thursday. You never know what kind of significant clicks might happen today.