You don’t have to meet Sara Beth to hear her story – her songs will tell you all about the Worst New Years she ever had or how she spends her time in the city. But, if you do meet her, she’ll tell you tales that will have you laughing, crying, or connecting over an unexpected shared experience.
    The New Orleans native burst out of the Big Easy with big dreams, and found her life leading to a song catalog and music purchases she didn’t see coming, including an I-got-unengaged guitar. Between that storied instrument, her grandmother’s piano, and her iPhone, Sara Beth has created a reputation as someone with a “knack for the sadly-sweet, sweetly-sad, aw-shucksy baroque-pop delivery” according to Nashville’s local alt-weekly paper.
    The prolific singer-songwriter has been weathered by Nashville’s music machine, some heartache, and the great battle with her own brain… but stayed afloat and writing with a  few triumphs and really good chocolate chip cookies in between. While living life to her own beat, Sara Beth’s songs reflect everyday experiences that anyone can understand. On the road, Sara Beth travels cross-country playing at every venue available, mesmerizing audiences with her sound and having them in stitches between songs. From living rooms to clubs to back alleys, Sara Beth has only met one venue she didn’t like, but that’s best left for a future song.