Mayonnaise and M&M’s Part Two

I’ve thought a lot about how to poetically and meaningfully wrap up the conclusion of a post about M&M’s in my dad’s safe. When I sat down to write last week it made COMPLETE sense in my head. Something about how we treat the lousy art we create like cheap candy and lock it up in our brain-safes and hold it FAR too close to our hearts because it’s a literal product of who we are. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE M&M’s. Do they nourish my body and soul and spirit? Well, I mean no. Then in my head I played around with how “valuable” and “meaningful” art takes time to create, like a baker that dedicates most of their time to finding the perfect balance of cream and sugar and butter, if only to find the perfect combination for the PERFECT dessert! Do I think about an almond croissant from La Boulangerie in New Orleans? Well yes. Does it nourish my body soul and spirit? Um. No.

Now I’m on my 3rd attempt to write and make sense of the chaos in my head, and there’s a saxaphone blaring my brains out at some generic coffee shop, and I had another week that was more on the discouraging side and tasted like golden calves hooves. I want to run away to France and proclaim “Oui! Oui!” as I judge all the different bakers’ almond croissants at the annual France almond croissant festival. (If artistry were to escape, I’d be the best escape artist in town.)

Well here’s the thing: art isn’t cheap. Or valuable. Or moving, really. It’s not most of the other dramatic adjectives I’ve used either. We attribute those things to art because of who WE are. And WHERE we are. Sometimes I feel so much for a song that I have to play it over and over again. Sometimes, I just need to hear Terri Gross interview someone interesting. What I’m saying is, we can’t live on M&M’s alone, people! We also can’t live on kale alone! It’s something I know but always have to remember. If I get too obsessed with something or someone or some way, it always goes bad. Too much of something overloads the system. Anyway. That’s my opinion. It makes sense in my head, which worries me for you, the reader. New Music coming soon, keep checking back!!!

Make sure to eat your M&M’s and Kale.