Two Bucks and a Ten Dollar Bill

I’ve been trying to write fictional songs (because apparantly it’s pathetic to write songs about your ex for more months than you actually dated them). This fictional gem (removed now) is a demo so if I ever DO decide to record it, it will sound different. I titled it with a ca$h sign because that’$ cool. I’d love to know what you think.


Here are a few chucklers. Chucklers have the same effect as adult beverages for me. So drink up.

I’m not very witty ($$ obviou$ly $$). My sister says I have a 14 year old sense of humor. But. Yesterday a miracle happened. There is a beautiful park here in Nashville that I desperately didn’t want to walk in. My friend, who we’ll call Bemiley, forced me to go since I was complaining about my sudden intake of sausage casserole and cheese grits (hey we’re in the south, it is a crime to say no to a dish that has the word CASSEROLE in it). Bemiley looked down and saw a 10 dollar bill. She immediately gave it to me because she owed me money. We were so excited. A woman, who took hiking very seriously, passed us and said “Just found 2 bucks in that ridge below.” I waved my ten dollar bill and said “Really? We just found 10 bucks!” True Story.

One more for ya on this glorious Monday. My dad has an indestructible flip phone. Now that he has a granddaughter, he needs an iPhone for pictures, videos and better auto-correct. We sat in his office as he researched iPhone 5. He had pretty much decided he was going to commit to it but he had one last question, “Hey Sar, how many jiggabites does it have?” I’m not sure dad. I’m not sure.

I hope your day is full of jiggabites and maybe you’ll spot a buck or two somewhere.
remember, bangs not botox. thanks for the read,