that is what’s up.

I played a show last weekend in Chicago. Uncommon Ground Coffee House. Bruce Springstein was down the street which was kind of rude to have a show on the same night as me. But it was fun and the non-Springstein folks (if there actually is such a thing) were there. And they were way cool.

This past Friday night, I played with my friends Zodlounge IT WAS FUN. We played here in Nashville so there were a zillion other shows but I can guaran-dang-tee you that ours was the best audience. I played an omnichord, which I think I’ll keep playing (even though my friend said it sounded terrible). keep posted for videos, ok?

Then the very next night, me and my friend Jesi Kettering drove out to Loretta's ranch and played songs for the super-fit: runners. They all had such nice bodies and legs. I think I will start running.

This coming Saturday the 22nd, I’m playing with my friend Steve who uses music for healing, which I’m totally into. Check it out here.

There is more to come folks! Thanks for reading my little words and listening to my little tunes. I promise my record will be done soon!

much love and that is what’s up