Changes, But I’m Actually OK With Them and Won’t Need To Up My Medicine or Have Extra Sessions with My Therapist. But It’s Not Winter Yet. So Check Back in a Month.

My house is horribly insulated so when I walk outside with my winter jacket on and it’s 68 degrees, I feel confused. I’m so eager for fall that I’ve put away most of my summer clothes and my leg-shaving razor, and pulled out the cast iron pot that resembles a cauldron for soup making. HEATING BLANKET GOES ON MY BED TODAY! ooh baby, it is so awesome. It is BEEYOOOOOtiful outside right now. My sister is going to have a baby tomorrow. Aunt SB. Yesterday, I took pictures with my friend for the album (um. let’s talk about this. oh, you don’t have 2 hours, a few klonopin and a box of kleenex? cool, we can talk later). Sike, the pics were good. I saw Victoria Jackson at a church I went to this past Sunday. Yeah, I googled her during the sermon, what. I went for the King of kings and met the queen of comedy.


We made final mixes for the album today. It’s been a year since we started. Weird how things work out. Got a few dates in October to be announced shortly but I’m also playing here. and this is a beautiful event. If you’re a North Carolinaner, you ought to head out! I will keep you updated but just wanted to say hi. You know, for all my stalkers. Love you so much thank you for your sincere cyber love. Keep it coming, especially as the dark winter months are approaching.