The Music Video, 24-ish hours until the grand unveiling!

I follow Jusin Bieber on twitter. I REALLY like his new song “Boyfriend.” I don’t care what you think about me. He tweeted INCESSANTLY about his new song until it came out. It made me and all of his eighty gazillion young tweeny bopper die hard fans SO excited.

I’ve thought about tweeting incessantly about my new song/music video to make my fans excited. But most of you are my friends and I think this might annoy you to the point of “unfollow/friend/subscribing” me on all of the eighty gazillion media sites we look at every day. Plus I think I would forget to do it as much as Mr. Bieber. (He’s so GOOD at business!)

So here’s the 24-ish hour countdown. I hope you are extremely excited to hear the first song off of my new album. And watch visually what it makes someone like me and my friends do.