Summer and some reviews

it’s been a bussssyyyyy summer!  SB wanted to let you know about a couple of cool things:

She’s been traveling most of the summer doing camp sing-a-longs, concerting, playing with her friend Dave Hunt (, and buying a house (we’re crossing our fingers, toes and eyes hoping to make a studio out of the bonus room which means… RECORDING!!!).  SB is learning how to look good whilst majorly sweating in Texas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arizona, California, Tennessee, Louisiana, and North Carolina.  And it has been good.

MANY thanks to you sweet folks for buying “tired of singing sad songs”

here are a couple of really neat reviews on the new album:

Christianity Today’s Review Review

be looking forward to an sb t-shirt, which will enable you to have optimal cuteness with very minimal movement, just throw it over your head!