This morning when I took off my robe to put my day clothes on, a large spider that resembled the deadly brown recluse came out of it as well. So in case I die, I figured I needed to update y’all, especially since I haven’t posted for 10 months which is roughly the span of having a baby.

I’m making a record. That’s the big news. Other than the spider. Like my album is pretty close to being done.

Some tinier news is I made a “tiny desk concert” contest video last Friday with 2 of my really¬†good and talented friends. I haven’t won it, but here’s to hoping.¬†Below is the video. It’s also featured on the NPR page which means I can die now because my dreams came true just being on their page. I wore birkenstocks with socks in the video for obvious reasons.


It’s better late than never. Slice up some fruitcake.

don’t let the winter kill you. kill the winter with christmas.

featuring sean williams and my new spectacles.